Financial Services: Bringing AI into your customer experience strategy

Join our webinar on Wednesday 15th November at 13:00-13:45

Following our roundtable dinner with leading retail banks and other financial services organisations, we're hosting a webinar to delve deeper into the risks and opportunities of bringing Artificial Intelligence into your customer experience strategy.

Customer experience is widely cited as the biggest driver for competitive advantage. It's what digital disruptors like Monzo, Virgin Money and Atom have built and grown their businesses on.

These same companies have AI-driven customer experience thinking at their coreā€¦ and it's these companies your customers compare you against.

31 percent of consumers would consider purchasing banking services from an online provider, such as Google or Amazon, this rises to 41 percent among Gen Z. With growing expectations for highly responsive and personalised services - as customers have become accustomed to on these platforms - can AI help the Financial Services sector keep pace?

In this webinar we'll be discussing:

  • The opportunities AI presents
    • What are the biggest things that you think will change in Financial Services within the next 5 years?
    • What do you think is really unlikely to change in that timeframe?
    • If there were no constraints, what could AI bring to improve customer experience?
    • How could hyper-personalisation and conversational banking create a better customer experience?
  • The thorny issues related to AI;
    • How can your company unlock data in the future to improve the customer experience?
    • What implications do MiFID and GDPR pose for your company?
    • How will you manage risk?

Without the insights that intelligent machines can bring at scale, we all risk losing customers to competitors… so join us on Wednesday 15th November at 13:00-13:45.

Want to know more? We'd love to talk.